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Cafeteria Point of Sale is an important part of the food service departments school cafeteria, and having a software solution that fits your needs, plus provides cashiers with a program that moves students through the lunch line quickly and accurately, is what Wordware’s Point of Sale Software excels at! Schools throughout the United States that are part of the National School Lunch Program, and depend on state and federal funding, need a POS system that accurately tracks reimbursable meals. Free and Reduced meal income helps offset meal costs and generates revenue that keeps the operation running. Wordwares free and reduced module and reporting helps accurately track your free and reduced meals for claiming. Wordware has the flexibility of offering not only a top of the line pos software, but we also have software solutions with our 3rd party partners, that offer the ability to receive data from your student information system that updates our system automatically. Wordware integrates extremely well with a countless number of student management systems. Which makes importing data seamless and duplicate entry obsolete.

Want an online payment option for your parents to pay for a lunch payment or buy school apparel? Use one of our payment solutions! Parents can login, choose the item they wish to purchase and pay by credit card. You can create a school store, add pre-order items, the options are almost limitless. Our system offers a multitude of flexibility with installations. Have a need to access your system from the comfort of your home? Choose our cloud based system. If your internet goes down and you still want the convenience of running lunch our appliance device makes that possible. We also can create a virtual image to be installed on your network, the choice is yours!

Our reporting is flexible and customizable. We have a various array of reports that will help make your day to day job easier. Whether it’s our drag and drop customizable labels or the ability to create your report and pull it out as a pdf or csv format. The system works in the way you need. Whether your balancing month end, claims or a summary of a la carte sales, we have the information at your fingertips. Do you have after school programs or concessions? Use our system to drive additional revenue! Create a concession lines for a sporting event. Have an after-school care or snack program? Our system is extremely flexible and can be accessed from any location if using a cloud install, or anywhere your network is available.

Our customer service and tech support are raved about by our customers. Want to talk to a live person? We are here to help. Between our support ticketing and the ability to pick up the phone and get a live person from tech support is what sets us aside. We care about our customers and it shows! We are passionate about meeting the needs of our customers and giving future customers a product that works for them. Flexible, user friendly offering that fits your needs! We want the best for you, whether you have been with us for 20 years or are new to our system.

Food Service and it’s day to day challenges


School Lunch Programs are fast paced and need to have management systems in place that are not only accurate in the school cafeteria but in the back office as well. If they are part of the NSLP, they need a system that makes it easy for parents to fill out the form for free and reduced so they can get state and federal funding, which helps financially support the school lunch program.

School lunch is an important part of a student’s day. Getting students through the line quickly so they can have time to eat their lunch is of the utmost importance. However, the challenge is to still have the give your food service cashiers the time to make sure the trays have the right balance of protein and fruits and vegetables, which can be a difficult task for many school districts.

Wordware’s Cafeteria Point of Sale gives flexibility to school districts. Whether it is with our new upcoming feature of pre-order or our other unique offerings, our Point of Sale Software is easy to use, so cashiers can spend more time concentrating on what is on the tray vs whether an item is being charged out properly in the lunch line.

School Foods service departments have little time to get all the necessary work done in the time frame they are allotted, whether it is spending that time in the kitchen prepping, or out on the point of sale pos, you need pos software that is easy to use and efficient, so food service operators can stay within their budgeted hours.

Reporting is another one of our strengths. Our easy to retrieve reporting makes the day to day work life more efficient. Claim reporting is easy with our Accu-Claim Edit Checks and our Monthly Summary reporting. If the information you need is not in our reports list, we have an export tool that allows you to create a csv report with our custom labels that you drag and drop,so you can format your report exactly the way you need it.

Wordware has also developed a Consumer Front End, which gives school district departments the ability to design their front facing website to get important information out to parents. Food Service departments could share contact information, how to apply for free and reduced, where to go to make a payment. It is completely customizable to your school.

If you have PowerSchool for your SIS, we have a plugin that gives parents a single sign on experience. One password, one location. Parents love the ability to be able to go to one site to do everything they need to. Our eCommerce solution makes it easy for schools to sell multiple items and have a place for parents to pay for lunch. Our integrations with other systems make manually entry a thing of the past; we can import your SIS information on an automated schedule.

When purchasing our Wordware Cafeteria Solution, you can choose either cloud based, appliance or virtual machine. The choice is yours on what fits your needs best!

Our technical support and our hands-on attitude sets our company apart. We are here to help! Put in a ticket and get a call! Call us directly and get a live person on the line. We love getting to know our customers and enjoy assisting them with whatever questions arise.

Partnership highlight... PowerSchool plugin, what it is and how it works


Wordware has worked tirelessly to provide our customers with the best possible experience. With our development of our PowerSchool Plugins we give schools and parents single sign on capabilities. To give your school district and parent’s a tight integration and a user-friendly experience. Your PowerSchool parent can sign on to their parent portal with their username and password. That’s all a parent needs in order to sign in and check their lunch balance, pay school fee’s, or make a real time online payment with their credit or debit card. One location, one login. No more multiple locations or usernames and passwords to remember.

Plugin... click install and go!

How do you get started? We work directly with your PowerSchool Admin to get the plugin installed. The plugin will be shared with your admin in a zip file in Google Drive. After installation, and you enable the plugin, we create a secure API connection using id and client secret. We have support staff that will assist you with the plugin management configuration in the plugin management dashboard.

Why use our plugin? Parents don’t want to remember multiple logins, they want to have a centralized location to do their business. Our plugin gives them that. Not only the parent experience but for the district itself. We sync your student information from PowerSchool to Wordware. No manually creating student data in two systems. Our goal is to make our customers life easier. Any roll we can take that helps do that is one we gladly except.

Our development team worked tirelessly to develop a plugin that would assist school districts to operate efficiently and data to import seamlessly. Not sure how to get started? If you are a new customer looking to see what our plugin can offer you. Schedule a demo today by calling Julie Lindem at 651-964-2224 or via email at julie@wordwareinc.com. We can show you the seamless integration from a parent’s perspective along with what a school district admin experience would be.

Don’t have our system for your food service? We would love the opportunity to demonstrate how Wordware can make your life easier. I know from experience! I came from a school district in Wisconsin. After working for this district for 12+years, I know Wordware. How their support guided me through and assisted me in any question I had. I knew when I called, no question I had was too small or unimportant. Think of it as the show “Cheers”, where everyone knows your name. That is how I felt as a customer of Wordware. I was always treated with respect, and in a friendly, helpful manner. For free and reduced processing, the efficiency of the process saved time and man hours. I was able to use my other full-time offices worker in another manner, because my free and reduced process was so efficient it cut time off our day.

We are here to support, whether it is with installing your PowerSchool plugin or any other question with our products or services. We have a multitude of products and suites of products to help make your life easier and offer those conveniences onto your parents. Whether it’s Point of Sale software, or our eCommerce solution. We pride ourselves on making or software something the customer wants and that fits their needs.

Parents that have experienced our Powerschool plugin, love having everything at their fingertips. Being able to set restrictions on spending limits, to checking their account balance or transaction history. All from right inside Powerschool. Or if they need to go to one of our suites of applications, all they need to do is click on the icon inside PowerSchool to redirect them to the spot they want to land. One location, one password, one goal. Make your experience the best it can be.

Moving forward… Always advancing


Wordware Inc. is dedicated to continually advancing our lunch software. We understand the needs of school districts and school food service departments are always changing and advancing.

Our in-house development team works hard to keep us in the forefront of the lunch software space. Whether it is working on a mobile app so your parents can do everything from applying for free and reduced benefits, to making an online credit card payment, or just advancing our lunch software based of our customer’s needs or wants, we have you covered.

We have also, with the help of development and customer need, created a Consumer Front End (CFE). Wordware Inc. knows not all schools have a large technology department or budget. Our consumer front end offers a solution to this by giving schools the opportunity to create their own public space for parents and schools to communicate important information to the public, such as documents, food service information or department contacts. Read more about the Consumer Front End and how it came about in our quarterly newsletter, located on Wordware Inc.’s website.

Wordware Inc. is always advancing partnerships, working hand in hand with companies like Vend-ucation, a school vending solution for school districts that allow students to purchase reimbursable meals through a vending machine. Or our SmartSchoolK12 collaborative which includes a suite of products with seamless integrations, along with add-on modules such as athletics, community education and childcare. Our goal is for you to have a one stop shop, the best possible full-service solution.

Wordware Inc.’s tech support team members are easily accessible and knowledgeable, providing fast support to answer your questions and offer prompt, friendly assistance when you need it, allowing you to get on with your work quickly.

School lunch is a vital part of a student’s day. Making sure students get their school meals and are charged correctly is an important part of what we do best. Fast, efficient, customer focused software is what Wordware Inc. is dedicated to, so your experience with our software is the best that it can be.

Easy to use… Easy to manage


Wordware Inc. Cafeteria Software cannot only process students through the point of sale quickly and accurately; it offers real-time lunch payments as well.

Student data can automatically import with your student information system, making the need to enter data in multiple locations obsolete.

Want your parents to have the ability pay for meal payments from one centralized, user-friendly location? With our SmartSchoolK12 collaborative, parents not only can make payments for school lunch, but your school district can put items in your own eCommerce solution. Whether you want to pay for a parking pass, Chromebook insurance, have a fundraiser for your school or more, the ecommerce solution makes that possible.

If your student wants to make a payment in the serving line with their debit card, we have credit card swipers that are easily installed in your school cafeteria. Your food services department will have the ability to take payments in the serving line with credit or debit cards. This offers flexibility for students, staff and parents in paying for their purchases, which in turn, increases revenue. There no need to worry if a student forgets their cash or check at home. They will always have peace of mind with the ability to use their debit/credit card.

Everyday, schools and food service departments work hard to make their lunch program successful. Successful does not always mean revenue driven. Successful can mean ensuring students eat a healthy, well balanced meal and have time to enjoy it. With our cafeteria management system, your lunch program will be successful, efficient and your students will get through the line quickly and accurately, so they have time to eat their meal without rushing.

If you are part of the National School Lunch Program, we do know that revenue is necessary to keep the lunch program moving forward, because reimbursements from meal purchases help fund the program. Our free and reduced module gives you accurate and efficient tracking of your free and reduced meals. Accurate reporting to your state agency is important because this is where your reimbursement revenue stems from. We have reporting that is easily generated for this purpose, including our monthly summary report for your total meal counts and revenues, and our Accu-claim report which gives you the edit checks you need to make sure you did not over-claim for meals.

Have a list of students who did not get charged for a meal? Or an upcoming field trip? Charging out students after your serving line is processed is simple and easy with our batch editor tool. Have a student who was approved for free and reduced meals and you want to adjust transactions? No need to go back and edit each day, one by one. Use our group change status price in the batch editor to do this, all with the click of button.

Our cafeteria management software has a multitude of reports to make your day to day life easier. We also have customizable reporting for you to be able to generate reports with only the information you want to include.

Satisfied customers are our number one goal and assisting you with our informed support staff is our priority! Contact us today to see what Wordware Inc. can offer you.

What we do best... School Lunch Software


Fast, dependable, easy to use cafeteria point of sale… those words when using lunch point of sale software are imperative and what schools and food service departments rely on to move their students through the school cafeteria line. If you are part of the National School Lunch program our POS software efficiently and accurately reports free and reduced so you can process your claims for lunch meals to your state.

Whether your school district has multiple schools or just one location we have a lunch POS system to fit your needs. If your school is looking for school lunch pre order, our order software we can assist!

Our system makes parent’s ability to make a lunch payment online with our online payments option, and the ability to fill out a form for their free and reduced lunch benefits all in one online location. Once the parent applies online for benefit, they will receive an email stating their submission has been received.

Our customer service is unparalleled. Our knowledgeable food service support team strives to assist you, on any issue that may arise, in a fast and timely manner, either by phone or by contacting us through our ticketing system.

Wordware’s unique integrations with a multitude of different partners make our offering a complete suite to fit your needs: Food Service, Community Education, Sports Registration, Childcare or School store. Parents can login to one spot and pay for multiple products all from the comfort of their home. Want to sell spirit wear? Take a lunch payment? Collect money for a fundraiser, pre-ordering for ticket sales? One user, one password, one location.

Our ability to integrate with your student information systems takes data entry in multiple locations out of your hands. The process can be set to automatically update daily.

As someone who worked as an assistant to a Food Service Director for over 12 years, I understand how important having information at your fingertips is. Having used Wordware during those 12 years, I had multiple situations where a parent would call about last year’s information, either disagreeing on a balance or stating their student did not make a specific purchase. Our quick access to the nightly backups, gives the ability to go back to previous dates, generate statements, view purchases, and multitudes of other information.

Our customers love the ease of use of our lunch software, and our friendly, caring and informed support staff. Many times, you will have companies say their support is unparallel, only to find out after purchasing the product, customer support is the last thing on their mind. Not Wordware. We treat our customers with the respect they deserve and with the urgency they desire. You are never on an island by yourself; you can be certain we are there to walk you through the process from initial set up, to training and going live. With our ability to team view into your computer system, we can see exactly what you are seeing and work with you like we are sitting next to you.

With our batch edit tool, you can charge a whole school a meal in the push of a button. No more tedious entry of individual items. Having a field trip where the whole class is getting lunch? You can run that all quickly without having to individually charge each student. Have a student who qualified for free and reduced meals and you need to back date their transactions? No problem! With our group change status price tool, put in your range of dates you want adjusted and press run! It’s as easy as that.

Interested in learning more about Wordware and what we have to offer? We would love the opportunity to show you more! To schedule a free demo via GTM, please call Julie Lindem at 651-964-2224 or contact me via email at julie@wordwareinc.com. We look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate our offering.

Contact us for more information on our product.