Introducing the LCS 1000

Cafeteria accounting software, reimagined!

Introducing the latest technology solution for the cafeteria and beyond. The LCS 1000 appliance is designed to provide you with advanced technological solutions while maintaining a friendly user interface.



Customer Input Based Development

We strive to make our program the best choice for any school system, public or private, but we cannot create the best meal accounting software without feedback. Wordware Inc. has been working closely with our customers for over twenty years, which has allowed us to more carefully monitor the evolution of our customers needs, and to develop our program in accordance to meet those needs. We not only listen to our customers suggestions, but we are constantly asking for input from our loyal customers on what changes we can make to ensure that we are achieving our goal of being the best lunch accounting software.

Our Sucess is Our Focus on One Product

There are companies out there that try to provide it all from student information to transportation to meal accounting. In doing so, they often fall short in some areas. We have chosen to keep our focus on our meal accounting system, providing our users with the most complete user-friendly, time-saving meal accounting solution. We do meal accounting... and we do it best!

Available Options

Wordware's Lunch Cashier System Ver 5.1 Wordware's New LCS 1000
Wordware's excellent lunch accounting software. featureYes Yes!
Access to Wordware's outstanding customer service and technical support representatives. Yes! Yes!
Online family balance checking and low balance email notification options. Yes! Yes!
Online electronic payment options. Yes! Yes!
Automatic data synchronization and backups to the Wordware cloud database. No Yes!
Student information importing and conversion tool. No Yes!
Automatic e-payment processing. No Yes!
Automated software updating. No Yes!
Installation-free setup and rapid configuration. No Yes!
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