The Lunch Cashier System

Cafeteria accounting software, we do it best!

Technology solutions for the cafeteria and beyond. The Lunch Cashier System software is designed for schools and businesses that need to manage meal accounting information.

Lowest Audit Failure Rate

Since 1986 our systems have continued to be developed, reflecting customers' changing needs and providing our customers with requested solutions.

Schools and businesses see us as a trusted advisor, helping to make them as productive as possible in their daily work.


Family Based

Most student information systems focus on the individual students. Wordware focuses on the students as they truly are: part of a family.

Our software starts with the family unit, and ties all accounting for students into that family. There is no repeated data entry from one sibling to the next and you can view all of the information for a family's students in the same reports.

Wordware's Lunch Cashier System helps increase efficiency by linking relevant information together for you, saving your valuable time from being spent on repetitive data entry.

The All New LCS 1000

Wordware has taken a huge step forward in the development and release of the LCS 1000.

This new centralized mini-server has been specially set up to not only dedicate itself to lunch accounting, but to be ready for constant updates and development.

Let us show you how the all new LCS 1000 system can revolutionize your lunch accounting services.